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WELTISTON, Ltd is an SME  established in Thessaloniki in January 2008 and has been actively advising ever since a small but high end clientele on how to analyze and optimize their supply chains 


We aim to optimize our clients' supply chains.  

As simple as that!

We emerge ourselves into the problem and design the optimum (VELTISTON in GREEK) solution in terms of cost, profit, level of service, growth and competitive position. 


We do not  always have all the answers: This is why we maintain an extensive network of international Experts  and Professionals that can give us a better insight into YOUR specific logistics needs. 


We are also on the lookout for new technologies, new methods and practices but also incoming disruptors as well as new comers in the logistics industry.  We also actively seek to  participate in research initiatives and spend time and money in conferences, trade shows and seminars.

Every Principal of WELTISTON has at least  20+ years of experience in Transport and Logistics supported by an experienced team of Logisticians, Transport Specialists, Operations Researchers, IT and data scientists.

4 Ph.D.s in Logistics, Operations Research and IT

1 Lawyer specializing in regulatory issues in Transport  

In 12 Years 

24  Clients are actively supported 

4    Proprietary algorithms for shared T&L systems

1     Railway Company was Licensed, another

1     In progress

2    Complete Network Redesigns for major multinationals

2    Railway Companies restructured

1     FreightForwarding Company established

12   Contracts for Cargo owners were negotiated and concluded 

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