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What do we do? 


We at WELTISTON work with Cargo Owners, Transport and Logistics Facility Owners,  Freight and Passenger Transport Operators, Logistics Service Providers and Government bodies  to identify the best alternatives to their transport and logistics needs.

We specialize in shared multimodal/intermodal systems utilizing railways or other mass transport systems as backbones, through which we can realize the most benefits for our clients.  

We are not affiliated with any Service, Systems or Assets Providers , so that neutrally can work for you.


WELTISTON. Ltd is an SME established in Thessaloniki in January 2008 and has been actively advising ever since, a small but high end clientele on how to analyze, develop options and optimize their supply chains.


Our philosophy is that we can always do better in optimizing your transport and logistics needs.  The field of logistics is dynamic and disrupted all the time: new players come into the play and older ones fade away; new technologies emerge; new legislations are being introduced;  new equilibria develop. We monitor the Greek and EU reality and offer you the best advice.  

  • Supply Chain Planning

    • Network Design (Re-design)

    • Fulfillment Strategy

    • Transportation Systems Design

    • Distribution Planning

    • Outsourcing & Tender Development

    • T&L Contingency Planning​

  • ​Government Support

    • Policies on Logistics ​

    • New Infrastructure

    • Railways

  • Support in Execution​

    • Intermodal Services and Facilities Design​​

    • Railway Traction Contracting

    • 3PL Contract support

  • MaaS System Design

  • Urban Consolidation Systems

  • ​Railway Licensing

  • New Technologies in Transport & Logistics

    • Blockchains in Logistics

    • Industry 4.0 Initiatives

    • Truck Platooning

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