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We work with Cargo Owners, Transport and Logistics Facility Owners,  Freight and Passenger Transport Operators, Logistics Service Providers and Government bodies  to identify the best alternatives to their transport and logistics needs.

We specialize in shared multimodal/intermodal systems utilizing railways or other mass transport systems as backbones, through which we can realize the most benefits for our clients.  

We are not affiliated with any Service, Systems or Assets Providers , so that neutrally can work for you.

"One size fits all " does not apply when it comes to fulfillment:  You have special needs, complexities which makes your problems as unique as a fingerprint.  Your transport and logistics chain needs to be  properly designed to serve your company's strategy.  You continuously need to evaluate your options as in today's volatile and uncertain enviornment provides not only challenges but also opportunities.  We can help you design your transport and logistics network (or redesign it) and allign it with your strategic goals.  We can help identify the right logistics and trasnport service providers, (re)evaluate them, help you in negotiating the best contract for your needs. We can set up a monitoring mechanism to get the proper intelligence and make informed decisions.

Fulfillment Strategy

We will evalute your supply chain structure 

We design and help you seamless intermodal/ multimodal services in SouthEast Europe in a way that transparently interact with Global Supply Chains

We  redesign your supply chain till we get the most out of it for your entreprise.  We help you identify and evaluate the right options for sourcing, warehousing, 3rd Party Logistics Services (3PL), multimodal transport options.

Governments Support

We strongly believe in GREECE becoming a GATEWAY for Asian products into Europe and help you redesign your supply chain and use the benefits of reaching Europe through the Ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki  

Outourcing, Tender Development and Contingency Planning

Keeping everything in-house is certainly a past centrury practice. You know that already, but what are you going to do about it?  Talk to  major 3PLs and pick one? Based on what? Your needs or their capabilities? Do you understand your 3PL's network structure and client base? Do you choose one or the best for the service you need. How about their assets: are they rented or owned? How about their technological sophistication? Will you offer railway services is this is the best for you? What contracts do they have?  Do you tender or negotiate the old fashion way? How do you negotiate the best contract with a service provider?  Is the constract elastic enough to change with your dynamically changing needs?  We can help custom tailor a solution for you needs. We will be sitting at your side of the table.We help you develop a tender based on your needs to custom tailor the services you receive from service providers

We analyze and evaluate the impact of emerging and disruptive technologies on your industry

We analyze the risks of you supply chain and develop contingency plans

Support in Execution

Designing a service and potentially outsourcing it is only part of the whole process. We help you with the execution of your new design, monitor the KPIs developed and support through the life cycle of the project.

Transport Systems Design

We develop customized solutions to both freight and passenger transport services, with emphasis on shared and intermodal/multimodal services.  We have proprietary algorithms that can help you developed shared systems: From MaaS (Mobility as a Service) to Urban Consolidation Distribution Systems

Railway Licensing 

As Railway Operations is deregulated in most Balkan Countries, new entities investigate the option of developing their own railway traction services, either for shunting inside their own installations or for access to the EU network. We provide a turnkey service for your railway operatios needs.

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